Where to Sleep in Bangkok

By | April 12, 2017

Bangkok has a immense range of accommodation, including some of the best hotels in the world and some of the worst dives too. Broadly speaking, Khao San Road is backpacker city; the riverside of Silom and Thonburi is habitat to The Oriental and The Peninsula respectively, often ranked accompanied by the best in the world (and priced to allow). Most of the city’s balanced and costly hotels can be found in Siam Square, Sukhumvit and Silom, even even though they also have their share of budget options.

When deciding your digs, think of the amount of enjoyment you longing to manage to meet the expense of feel-conditioning can be advised, as temperatures don’t slip below 20C at night. Also pay careful attention to Skytrain, metro and flavor boat access, as a adeptly-placed station or pier could make your stopover in Bangkok much more good. In general, accommodation in Bangkok is low-cost though. It’s feasible to have a smart double room subsequent to hot shower and environment-conditioning for very more or less 500 baht/night. If you painful sensation more enjoyment, expect to pay in the region of 1,500 baht for a double room in downtown. Even staying at one of Bangkok’s peak hotels single-handedly sets you benefit concerning 5,000 baht the price of a plenty double room in Europe.

One Bangkok hotel anomaly of note is the guest press on of very roughly 500 baht another to your metaphor if you bring along a newly found pal for the night. Some hotels even refuse Thai guests the entire, this is especially common in Khao San Road. These rules are definitely aimed at supervising local sex workers, which is why hotel security will usually call off onto your guest’s ID card for the length of the visit, but some hotels will plus apply it to Western visitors or, more embarrassingly, mean to apply it to your Thai embellish. Look for the signs, or, if in doubt, ask the staff since check-in.

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